Both muses die - meme ((sorry, it kinda turned into a drabble. XD))


The end is reaching near and near. Slowly their vision start to blur more with every struggeling try to breath in the last bit of air. Their blood mix into one as they build a huge spot in deep red right between them and further more outside of them and all they could feel was utter pain. The brown haired young man lies on his back, trying to stay alive as long as possible to reach for help, which wasn’t even possible at that time. They are as good as lost… and dead.
With a last strengh the young man slowly turns his head to his other counterpart he used to love more than anything else in this world. The other man struggled even more who mostly likely seemed to end his story with every remaining second …
“H-Hugh ….” he called the other’s name with the last bit of air he had in his lungs. He didn’t deserve this at all … Surelly not.
It seems like two or even more seconds passed by before the weaker person gave a lightly movement on his lips, forcing to get out the last bit of words in his mind. With an utterly quit tone and a whispering way he breaths out the meaningful sentence with three words towards the other young man.
The brown head could only narrow his eyes as he knew the love of his life would leave this world before him. “I-i …. l-love you …too …” he repeats weakly, making sure he heard these words before he loses his body. “… Don’t … f-forget me … p-…p-please …” And with that said a small bit of his tears flow down with his red blood on the reddened ground. With these last words the young man and his better half pass out slowly, leaving their cold corps on the earth they once lived and loved…

Hugh coughed out blood as he tried pushing himself up. He would go, no like this. As he crumbled back onto the ground, he clenched his teeth together. “N-Nate…” He spoke weakly, he could barely hear himself. “I…” Tears were falling down his face. This was it. This was the end.

No. Not yet. If anything, he would die in his arms. He wasn’t going to die not touching somebody. He wasn’t going to leave this world without holding on to Nate one last time. 

He pulled himself closer to the other male. Slowly, but surely. And eventually he made it. In those agonizing moments, he finally got to touch him, at will. ”I… Love you….” Hugh rested his head on Nate’s chest and closed his eyes. Yes, this was the end for him. As his breaths became shorter and quieter, he could feel himself slipping away. He didn’t have any strength left to fight. But at least he had spoken his last words to the one he loved.

And as the other male spoke, his words seemed to echo as Hugh released his last breath.


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Should Have Watched Closer



This is actually rather terrible. But… Enjoy…?

It had been several weeks after Mikasa had told Bertholdt about Reiner and Annie. At first it was just a lie that she had told him. The two weren’t really dead. They hadn’t been infected. It was all just a lie to get her closer to the other. Why? Well clearly for selfish reasons. But the reasons were much different at the very beginning. Even now, her reasons at the beginning were much better than what they had formed while she spoke to him.

Since the day the plague came out and took a good majority of what was left of the human population, Mikasa had grown into a very different person. It wasn’t really all her fault though. She had trusted a fellow soldier and had almost gotten eaten by him. There were reasons why she had become so much colder. She didn’t trust anybody but Eren and Armin. They were her family, what was left of it, and she would hold onto them with her dear life if she had to.

Christa was basically in that same boat. The dear girl was such a sweetheart, she even had Mikasa calming down in an instant. A girl like that had to be protected too. Though she wasn’t all too close to her still. She didn’t have the time to follow her as much as she did with Eren. Mainly because, unlike Eren, Christa actually knew how to take care of herself.

Mikasa had taken special care, however, to watch all of them though. Not just Eren or Armin or even Christa. No. Mikasa was better than that to leave a blind eye for all the others. She did watch them. Not to protect them but to protect herself. She had trust issues, and she needed to know a person’s every move to be able to fully protect herself from them. It was the perfect way to do it. Know the person- know what makes them tick- and you can counter anything that they would be able to throw at you.

Sasha was easy, so was Jean. Annie wasn’t one that Mikasa would really want to depend herself against but at least she knew what to do. Ymir, somewhat…. Erwin and Levi too. Reiner? She had something for him, somewhere… She could easily find out about him, he wasn’t that introverted as the other that followed him everywhere. The only other one was the very one that she felt wary about. Bertholdt, that was the one she had focused on.

It was reasonable, at least in her mind. He was quiet, he never really spoke out. Anything he thought was normally kept to himself, which was actually really dangerous. It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for…. Mikasa would, from time to time, watch him when she could. Without being obvious though. Eren and Armin would ask her sometimes. Well…. Armin would… Eren serious had his head in the clouds or something.

He had asked her once why she was doing that- watching him. But she just waved him off. Later, when Armin found her crying, she had grabbed him and spoke on delusional terms. "They’ll all get you when you’re not looking…." The blonde male wouldn’t talk to her for weeks when she had said it. She often wondered if that was why she had found the room empty when she stole some of the vials for Bertholdt.

Mikasa went to Bertholdt at first just to figure out who he was. But then later, when her lie was actually true, Annie and Reiner were actually infected, she felt terrible and cried about it for several days afterwards. She couldn’t sleep for weeks and after all of that, she still felt terrible for using him. But within those weeks, she had her walls breached.

She didn’t understand it at first, but during one of the nights she had been crying, it finally hit her. She had developed feelings for the damn male. When had she started? She really wasn’t sure. But soon she began to long for his voice. What was so special about it? He wasn’t even all that, he didn’t have courage and he never thought highly of himself. But she still had feelings for him. 

"You’re weak Mikasa…. Falling for a guy like that….." She had looked up at herself in the mirror an ended up shattering it with one of her knifes she had thrown. She got up and left her room only to be stopped by Eren. He seemed rather rushed.

"Mikasa! We have trouble…. The virus has taken pretty much the rest of the building." He pointed in the general direction he was talking about. "We need to evacuate." 

Mikasa’s heart stopped. No…. But that was where….. She looked at Eren carefully. “Armin….” Eren shook his head and gave her some peace of mind. If she could even say that… But that wasn’t what was scaring her, and that was bad. “Take him and get out….” She tried walking by him.

"But what are you doing? Mikasa! We have to get out of here!"

She pushed him the other way. “Leave me… I’ll be fine. I need to get the supplies….” She began sprinting down the halls. Be fine… You’re going to be okay…. She found the door she was looking for and pushed it open. “You’re okay…." That hope that she actually never thought she had seemed to try to ignite.

But…. it was instantly shattered as horror was brought to her. The sad truth of what was in front or her had her buckling to her knees. The one she had taken much care to watch and study laid on the floor, dead. No….. Tears ran down her cheeks as she made her way to him.

He seemed to have some struggle. She could make that out. Like he had tried fight back the virus. It was actually amazing that he hadn’t shifted yet. But like everybody else, he was already dead, to her. She didn’t believe in bringing them back. Mainly because he would only be a carrier. He would be able to give it to her if she brought him back. But she would have to one of two things…. Finish the job, which she couldn’t bring herself to do now, or leave now while she could.

"Bertholdt…." She fell on top of him, sobbing. There were so many things she could have said. Out of all the things, she tried boosting his confidence, even though he wouldn’t hear it. "You would have been a great leader… Maybe then I could have told you it without feeling weak…" She looked up but didn’t see anything from him as a response.

She found herself being pulled away by Reiner and Annie. Them… of all people…. As she kicked and cried, she watched as she was painfully carried away by the other male. Annie ended up staying behind. But when Mikasa looked up, Annie didn’t have the vaccine in her hands…. Instead, it was a knife. Mikasa’s knife

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Be My Shoulder



//Enjoy your slightly longer drabble. Maybe just call it a short story… Fanfic.. Whatever…. I’m gonna turn this in for one of my classes because 3 SNK people would love me if I did. Also, it’s a creative writing class I can turn in pretty much anything in there. 

//Enjoy your slightly longer drabble. Maybe just call it a short story… Fanfic.. Whatever…. I’m gonna turn this in for one of my classes because 3 SNK people would love me if I did. Also, it’s a creative writing class I can turn in pretty much anything in there. 

Mikasa leaned against her chair in her room. It was days like these that seemed to be really boring. With nothing to do, she began to grow a bit nervous. She couldn’t go out, it was far too late in the night and she wanted Armin to be happy. Because of that she didn’t really have any other way of releasing her stress. Eren had told her to rest though. There wasn’t anything else to do anyway. There wasn’t any breakouts of the virus, since it came out periodically, this day had become a very low day. But there hadn’t been a report in over a week. How could Mikasa rest when the virus could have jumped out at any given time?

"Since the days are getting colder-" She  heard Armin earlier that day in a briefing. "The virus won’t activate often in the humans and there won’t be many outbreaks-" She was still shaking her head at that. She spaced out a lot in meetings like those, she never followed orders these days anyway, but since that meeting, she couldn’t shake that off. She wanted it to be a lie. "Still. Just be careful. Follow the same rules: don’t go out at night and if you do, be as quiet as you can. Don’t kill them either, if your stuck in that situation, the best option will always be the same- capture them. If you can’t, flee the area. And always come in for a checkup in the morning and night."

Armin had specifically turned to her after he let everybody else out. “Mikasa, I really don’t want you going out at all… I’m serious, if you go out, I’m afraid that you won’t be let in…” He had that pleading look in his eyes- begging her to just not leave. She growled and looked away before turning back and nodded her head slightly to tell him she understood. It made him smile and now she felt like she had to do it.

But it was times like these that really broke her the most. Mikasa fell out of her chair and she rolled to curl up. She shook terribly, and tried to cry softly but it came out in loud chokes. She felt caged, and locked in, how could she protect to two she cared about the most if she had to stay inside. Where were they anyway? She tensed and instantly stood up. When she opened the door she found Annie walking by.

The blonde turned to look at her and opened her mouth to say something.  Mikasa then took the other by the hair and yanked it down. “Say anything and I’ll personally gut you myself before I feed you to the mini titans. And I’ll make sure you don’t come back from the dead." The female was caught entirely by surprise but she wasn’t done. She pulled the other closer to her. "Where’s Eren?"

"With Armin, dammit Mikasa, they’re in the dining hall. Let go of my hair before I throw you to the titans.” She gave a hiss and the raven haired female did what she had asked and walked away. Annie turned back to her and pulled on the scarf. “Where are you going? I’m going to report you.”

Mikasa pulled her scarf back. “Leave me alone, I’m not going outside. I need to walk. I can do that.” She snapped at her and started walking again. At least now she could get herself together again. Hopefully. She knew the two were okay but she was still shaking badly. Annie was right though. The two were eating with the others. It would have made her feel better if she wasn’t disgusted. How could they have been so fine being near to same people that could easily turn and try to eat them as the food. Sure they had the checkups but she couldn’t help but to still have doubts. The two males noticed her and called out cheerfully but she couldn’t handle it. She left quickly to avoid any more problems than what she was already trying to deal with.

She walked past Reiner but didn’t see his other, less significant, half with him. She turned back to look at the taller male, only to run into another. With the way she had been running, the momentum was fast enough to take them both down. Her eyes widened as her lips came literally millimetres away from touching his. Somehow frozen, Mikasa laid on top of him, her hands on his chest, she couldn’t push herself off Bertholdt.

"M-Mikasa…!" He sat up and somehow got her to slip off him, yet they were still uncomfortably close towards one another. Mikasa had lowered her gaze to not look at him. "I-I’m sorry!" He stuttered, she could painfully feel his awkwardness as he tried to make things not look like they  were something.

What was she doing? She should have just gotten up and left. But she couldn’t. What was wrong with her? As the Bertholdt continued to ask what was wrong, she was losing herself. The shaking in her hands increased as her heart rate quickened. Thoughts rushed to her head, things that she never thought would have been possible to come to mind. No Mikasa… He’s the enemy. Everybody is your enemy here. Except the two you hold close to your heart. Tears once more found their way down her face, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. And he was right there.

"Mikasa!" It seemed like Betholdt saw the tears. "Are you-" Shut up! She grabbed the collar of his jacket. She couldn’t restrain herself as she pulled him towards her, this time their lips completed the action. She kissed him.

Hardly breathing herself, she still decided to pull this off. The poor boy probably didn’t know what was going on. Still gripping onto his clothing she moved her head slightly as she gave a whimper and fell onto his chest. Help me… She didn’t try stopping herself this time, she had to let it out. Even if the male didn’t know what was going on, at least it wasn’t Jean. Or Reiner. Or anybody else. Bertholdt wouldn’t have told anybody, right? Maybe this way he now knew that she wasn’t all that great. She was also broken too. She could have feelings and she hurt, just like anybody else. And she was still vulnerable to those unwanted feelings towards people she was supposed to consider the enemy and she hated herself for it.

Mikasa’s cries seemed to die out a little as her body relaxed against the other. What was he thinking, Bertholdt? If he didn’t think she was crazy that is. Thoughts began to flood all over again as she was slipping out of consciousness. She didn’t even try to push herself off. Whatever he thought, he’d either tell her or keep it to himself… A muffled apology was the last thing she remembered before passing out on him.

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